High Visibility Clothes For Keeping Your Pet Safe

When it comes to pet safety there are many things you can put into place to ensure that they remain as visible and easy to spot in the evening should they manage to escape from the yard or be going out for their nightly walk with you. Pets are more than just animals, they are members of the family and their safety is usually a top priority for those they live with. If you are interested in High Visibility Clothes for your pet, then below you will get a better idea of what is available and how it works.

Reflective Dog Coat

When it comes to high visibility clothes for dogs, the reflective dog coat offers the best all over illumination. Created from a vibrant fluorescent yellow or green reflective fabric, and the addition of stitched on light reflective fabric, the reflective dog coat lights up like a beacon when car or streetlights shine on it.

In fact, the reflective dog coat is very much the same as the ones used by humans during work situations, such as laborers, those who work in road maintenance, and high-risk jobs which require a decent level of visibility.

High-Vis Collar And Lead

The high visibility collar and lead are made with highly reflective fibers, which help reflect light off of them to create an illuminating effect. Typically, the collar will also feature a flashing light on it to help further draw attention to it in the dark.

The lead is made from either leather or polyester and is then covered with an outer layer of high visibility fabric, typically in either yellow or green and then a final layer of reflective tape is stitched in place for maximum visibility at night.

Glowing Dog Vest & Paw Pads

The glow in the dark pet coat is some of the best high visibility clothes available for pets. It consists of a brightly colored waterproof outer layer, which has small lead lights embedded into it. There are 2 silver reflective strips running down each side of the body for added attention after dusk.

The lights are then switched on before going out and the jacket lights up with an almost glowing appearance. The waterproof High visibility material allows the jacket to stay in tiptop condition and prevents water getting into the battery pack.

The paw pads attach via velcro to the ankle area of the dog and contain silver reflective strips to help the dog be seen from paw to tail in the dark.

Final Thoughts On High Visibility Clothes For Pets

No matter the size or breed of your pet, highly reflective clothing can help keep them out of harm's way should they venture out into the night. The reflective qualities of the materials make them easy to see and help car drivers and cyclists spot them from a distance. If your pet's safety is your priority, then High Visibility Clothes are the way forward.